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ReFi+ Loan Program

HESAA is now offering a new, pilot ReFi+ Loan Program for NJCLASS and Federal Parent Plus borrowers who are out of school and have loans from higher interest rate periods. Eligibility for this new, 10-year, fixed rate program is based on your income, credit score and debt-to-income ratio. Depending on your credit score, the annual percentage rate (APR) will range from 4.90% to 6.90%.

What is the difference between consolidation and refinance?

The NJCLASS Consolidation Loan is designed to assist borrowers who need lower monthly payments by combining multiple NJCLASS Loans into one single payment over a longer payment term. The NJCLASS ReFi+ Loan assists borrowers who want to lower the total amount spent on repaying their student loans by combining multiple loans into one single payment with a lower interest rate.

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