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The below workshops are for school counselors and financial aid professionals only. If you should have specific financial aid questions, please call (609) 584-4480 or email HESAA at

HESAA is pleased to provide high schools with four great (and FREE!) financial aid support options:
College Admission Planning Sessions, Financial Aid Information Sessions, FAFSA Workshops and
Student Loans Overview

College Admission Planning Sessions

These sessions provide guidance to students and their families in planning and understanding the college admissions process. Students will gain a better understanding of the value and benefits of a 2-year college and the transition to a traditional 4-year college. These sessions also help families understand the financial aid differences in choosing a safety school vs. a reach school. The focus is to help put families at ease with the college admissions process, including the search, application process, and how it all impacts financial aid.

Financial Aid Information Sessions

As you work to build awareness of financial aid for higher education at your school, be sure to request a financial aid presentation from HESAA. HESAA will participate in your Financial Aid Night by providing a one-hour overview of the financial aid process and answer questions about grants, scholarships, and loans offered by the State of New Jersey. Feedback has shown that HESAA’s information sessions to students and their families make everyone feel more comfortable with the financial aid process and they leave with an understanding on how to apply for federal and state financial aid.

FAFSA Workshops

These workshops are designed to provide an overview on the importance of FAFSA completion and addresses the questions of Who? Why? And how? FAFSA Workshops take place at your school within an available computer lab. HESAA hands out materials and discusses the FAFSA process. This talk is followed by an interactive support session where HESAA staff will assist students with their FAFSA completion. These workshops run for approximately 2 hours.

Before requesting a free workshop, please confirm that your school has an available computer lab on that date.

Student Loans Overview

This workshop provides the attendees with valuable knowledge of the various sources of loan aid available to students and families to pay for higher education. More specifically, these sessions explain the differences between student loans provided by the federal government, student loans provided by state government, and private education loans provided by for-profit bank lenders. Topics include the following:

  • Why do I need a student loan?
  • Student loan calculators
  • Student loans vs parent loans
  • Loan limits, interest rates and features
  • Repayment of loans and varying repayment plans
  • Where to find information about your student loans
  • Consequences of not paying your student loans
  • Options to manage student loans after graduation


In an effort to support as many schools and students as possible, please limit your request to one date per registration request and allow at least 21 days (3 weeks) prior to your requested event date for approval. HESAA makes every effort to accommodate your requested date but staff is limited.

Click here to register

  • Schools must request for an event through the HESAA website at least 21 days (3 weeks) in advance.