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Common Manual - July 2015 Adopted Proposals
7/30/2015 | Common Manual
Common Manual News

On July 16, 2015, the Common Manual Governing Board approved one proposal to modify the Common Manual. The changes made in the proposal will be incorporated into the Common Manual’s annual update. The changes will also be incorporated into the next version of the Integrated Common Manual. The proposal affects the following sections of the Manual:


Three-Year Cohort Default Rates

Section 4.2 - Administrative Capability Standards
Section 16.1 - Overview of Cohort Default Rates and Terminology
Section 16.2 - Calculation of School Cohort Default Rates
Figure 16-1 - Cohort Default Rate Formulas
Figure 16-2 - Cohort Default Rate Formulas Beginning with Fiscal Year 2009
Section 16.3 - School Draft Cohort Default Rates and Challenges
Section 16.4 - School Official Cohort Default Rates, Adjustments, and Appeals
Section 16.4.B - School Appeals
Section 16.5 - Consequences of High Official Cohort Default Rates for Schools


Copies of the bulletin language for these proposals are available from the Common Manual’s webpage at The bulletin language is available under the Approved Policies and the Integrated Common Manual can be found under the Common Manual heading.