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Common Manual - April 2014 Adopted Proposals
5/2/2014 | Common Manual
Common Manual News

On April 17, 2014, the Common Manual Governing Board approved six proposals to modify the Common Manual. The changes made in the proposal will be incorporated into the Common Manual's annual update. The changes will also be incorporated into the Integrated Common Manual release in July 2014. The proposal modifies the following sections of the manual:


Reporting Requirements Regarding a Borrower’s Total and Permanent Disability Discharge Application Status

Section 13.8.G - Total and Permanent Disability


Changes to Eligibility Reinstatement Rules

Section 5.3 - Reinstatement of Title IV Eligibility after Default


Lender Disclosures

Section 10.12 - Lender Disclosures During Repayment
Section 12.1.A - Required Lender Disclosure for a Borrower Having Difficulty Making Payments


Change in Participation Rate Index Threshold

Section 16.4.B - School Appeals


Online and Distance Learning Qualification for a Closed School Discharge

Section 13.8.B - Closed School


Loan Rehabilitation Details Removed

Section 13.7 - Rehabilitation of Defaulted FFELP Loans


Copies of the bulletin language for these proposals are available from the Common Manual's webpage at www.commonmanual.org. The bulletin language is available under the Approved Policies and the Integrated Common Manual can be found under the Common Manual heading.

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