Loan Repayment Calculator

The information below is an estimate of the expected repayment amounts for each NJCLASS ReFi+ Loan interest rate currently available. Your interest rate will be determined after you apply based upon your credit score. Adding a Cosigner with a higher credit score may help you qualify for a better rate. If approved for an NJCLASS ReFi+ Loan, you will be notified of the interest rate for which you qualify. Interest Rates are subject to change. There is no Administrative Fee. Using the Loan Payment Calculator does not constitute an offer to receive a loan and will not solicit a loan offer. This calculator is not a loan application.

Refinanced Loan Amount:
Loan Terms and Interest Rates:
Current Fixed Rates for NJCLASS ReFi+ Loan Based on Borrower and Cosigner Credit Score
Credit Score 670-719 Credit Score 720-779 Credit Score 780+
10 Year Fixed 6.70% 10 Year Fixed 5.50% 10 Year Fixed 4.70%
Monthly Payment Amount
Total of Payments

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