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For those HESAA borrowers in counties designated by FEMA for Individual Disaster Assistance due to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, student loan payment relief is available.


NJCLASS borrowers should contact HESAA’s Servicing and Collections Unit via phone or email to request relief. Borrowers may be eligible for temporary reduced payments for up to 90 days. No additional supporting documentation is required for the initial relief period. For relief longer than the initial 90 day period, supporting documentation will be required. HESAA staff is available at 800-792-8670, option 2, or email them at servicingandcollections@hesaa.org.

Federal Defaulted Loans

Affected federal borrowers who have a defaulted student loan in collections are also urged to contact HESAA. Pursuant to guidance issued by the U. S. Department of Education, HESAA is authorized to stop collections activities for three months upon notification by the borrower, a member of the borrower’s family, or another reliable source that the borrower has been affected by a disaster. Collection activities must resume at the end of the 3-month period at the point at which they were discontinued.

During the time a defaulted FFEL borrower is affected by a disaster, any payment the borrower fails to make will not be counted as a missed payment, or as an interruption in the required payment stream for Reinstatement of Title IV eligibility, Consolidation, or Rehabilitation. When the borrower is no longer affected by the disaster, the required sequence of qualifying payments may resume at the point at which it was discontinued.

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