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Thank you for considering HESAA for your loan consolidation needs. Loan consolidation funds are subject to available funding. Currently, all available funding has been issued for this loan cycle. Please visit our site again in early June 2017 when we plan to re-open our Loan Consolidation Application.

NJCLASS Loan Consolidation

The NJCLASS Consolidation Loan is designed to assist those borrowers with higher NJCLASS debt balances by providing a longer repayment term and lower monthly payments.  A consolidation loan may help make payments more manageable for some borrowers by combining several NJCLASS loans into one loan with one monthly payment.


Borrowers must have a minimum of two NJCLASS loans with an outstanding minimum balance of $30,000. NJCLASS Consolidation loans with balances less than $60,000 carry a 25-year repayment term. NJCLASS Consolidation loans with balances greater than $60,000 carry a 30-year repayment term. The interest rate on a NJCLASS Consolidation loan is fixed and is based on a weighted average of the underlying NJCLASS loans being consolidated minus 0.25%. Deferment and forbearance options are limited and require monthly interest payments. Consolidation loans are subject to available funding.


Borrowers, who would like to apply for a consolidation loan, should login to start the application process.

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